Sonic Ground Adaptive City

Design Music ZHdK


Buildings aren’t constructed or designed. Building are erected from the ground by a group of people with the same tonal frequency inside of them and humming. The ground slowly becomes moving and forms large shapes around them. The profession of an architect is shifted to organising, planing and further develop a city or village. The individual large shapes are eroded and become a building with windows, doors, floors and artefacts we know from our world. The focus is shifted from humans being visually driven to auditive beings. City planing is based on tonal harmony, music is a dangerous but intriguing topic maybe perceived like we look at alcohol in our world.

>> Focus on frequencies, sound and harmony
>> Nations don’t exist, rather the world is subdivided in sections and cities are not named but numbered with their frequency (or tone)
>> Moving from city to city and changing your environment is essential to this society and the norm

The individual pieces exhibited here represent the work architects do in this world to understand how a specific landscape or situation could react to certain humming. Furthermore, is the excerpt of the fictional book “Let Shape Happen, Don’t Shape” by Riley Simon, in this world a well-known architect, an insight in this world.

No. I
#17432.90,7Hz – “Bowl”
An artificial city based on a round ground and a “specific” frequency with a lot of movement.

No. II
#95034.126Hz – “Landscape”
A traditional landscape with little movement

#82143.104Hz/95-264 – “Hillside”
A particular situation of settling on a hillside with movement upwards.

No. IV
Excerpt from Riley Simons book “Let Shape Happen, Don’t Shape” published in 1985
Chapter III – Small Beginnings
Chapter IX – Alternative View on the Merging of Cities or Why Tonal Fusion Seems Unnatural to the Business Side of Things

by Alex Blaschek, Fernando Obieta and Claudio Rainolter